What We Believe

Meketa Investment Group believes that our consulting services can benefit society as a whole when we pair our investment expertise with a greater awareness for the risks and opportunities that exist in a globally inter-connected environment.

We approach this responsibility with great care and consideration, and we focus our efforts both internally and externally on sustainability issues. Meketa Investment Group has a Corporate Responsibility Committee comprised of senior leadership from a variety of disciplines. The Committee includes owners of the firm as well as senior professionals and is led by Managing Principal, John Haggerty.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that we owe a duty of care to our employees, clients, and stakeholders, and to this end, we have established corporate policies that support our orientation towards progressive environmental, social, and governance issues. We are proud of our ability to foster a corporate culture where sustainable practices are nurtured and encouraged. Below are some of the ways ESG issues manifest themselves within our organization:




• Paper conservation • Volunteerism • Code of Ethics
• Energy conservation • Charitable giving • Compliance training
• Water conservation • Diversity • SEC Reporting
• Recycling programs • Veterans • Risk management
• Fuel Efficiency car rentals • Training & Development • Succession planning


Investment Practice

We believe that we can better serve our clients by continually scanning the landscape of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors that may pose risk to their long-term investment expectations. As a signatories to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), we commit considerable resources to monitoring on-going developments in ESG issues. Below is a small sample of the areas where we collect investment-related research:




• Climate change • Diversity • Executive pay
• Fossil fuel divestment • Human rights • Proxy voting
• Industrial waste • Labor relations • Shareholder activism
• Green bonds • Health and safety • Fiscal transparency
• Sustainability • Public policy engagement • ESG reporting


Further, ESG considerations are integrated into our due diligence as we meet with asset managers across both public and private markets regardless of their orientation towards ESG issues. Investment strategies are assigned an ESG rating by Meketa Investment Group’s research team, and updates are monitored on an on-going basis.

Strategic Partnerships

Finally, we believe in the power of partnership and strategic alliances. Through our affiliation with the UNPRI, we are able to expand our communities of influence and gain access to rapidly evolving news, data, and best practices.




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