Outsourced CIO

Delegating investment discretion for all, or part, of a fund’s assets to a third party is often referred to as the Outsourced Chief Investment Officer model, or OCIO. Delegating investment discretion can allow a fund to leverage the resources and expertise of an investment firm in the most efficient way possible. Substantially or wholly-eliminating involvement in the investment selection, due diligence, approval, and implementation processes allows clients more time to focus on long-term strategic issues.

Meketa Investment Group created Meketa Fiduciary Management as a response to the growing demand for discretionary investment services. From a client’s perspective, delegating investment discretion is about alleviating constraints and improving results. Many clients feel they cannot fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities due to time constraints, the complexity of modern investment portfolios, and the current market environment.

Meketa Fiduciary Management will provide the same world class research and investment solutions that Meketa Investment Group has provided since 1978, only utilizing a different implementation structure for clients preferring to delegate discretion.

To learn more about our discretionary investment services please visit us at www.meketafm.com or contact us at info@meketafm.com.


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